What the Click was I thinking?

I’m a freelance writer – astrology – love – relationships – etc, etc.   As a writer, I know the value a good photo can add to an article.  Photos give articles life, depth – and while an article should always stand on it’s own, a photo can be like the wax on a newly washed car, or a big bold flower on a little girl’s plain old headband; a photo can makes an article pop!

As a freelance writer, I often have the artwork on my articles added by editors and graphic artists, but when I write just for my blog I like to add my own.  I’m very rarely caught without my camera, and I’m sure most of my friends and family find it annoying when I constantly click, click, click, but I enjoy it and they indulge me.  So, as I was just on my Facebook posting a recent photo, it dawned on me, “Why don’t I just start a photo blog?”  Duh.  What the click was I thinking?

I suppose I really don’t need another project to take up more of my spare time that I really don’t have a lot of, but sometimes it’s just important to do things for yourself, just ’cause you want to.  So here it is, my debut blogpost on my first (and only) photo blog.  Thanks for visiting.  Sign up, subscribe or just check back often.  I take lots of pictures.  In the meantime, I’ll be setting up the pages, adding photos and loving life.




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