Just Dandy …

Just Dandy

I remember the exact day, date and time I took this photo and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.  It was 9:39 AM on a Friday in April – the day after I got laid off from work.  I woke and greeted the morning Sun with a smile.  Hell yea I did.  It was a Friday, it was 9:00 AM and I didn’t have anywhere to go.  In celebration of my new-found freedom from the dreaded “cubby job” – or maybe just because I was free for the first time since I could remember, at least I could give myself one weekend of that – I went outside and layed down in the grass face down and gazed the magnificent orbs known as dandelions.  Mandelas.  Works of art.  Made of a thousand-million little, itty-bitty individual seeds, all symetric;y perfect.  The Sun shining through them made them even more magical.  No color.  No celebrated class among the world of flowers.  No need.  They stand alone.  And I have all the time in the world to watch them (at least until the neighbor’s landscaper comes on Monday).

Field of Wishes



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