Spring Blooms in Summer

Looking over some older photos I took in spring.  I love spring flowers, especially the blooms that appear on trees.  In my yard there are several apple trees – they all grow white blooms on one side and red blooms on the other.  It’s odd looking, but beautiful at the same time.  I only have a picture of the white blooms here – will have to find the red ones.  The Magnolia trees have these plush, silky blooms, pink blooms that only last a few days before a strong wind comes by and blows them away.  I was lucky enough to catch them before that happened.  And right outside my door is a Crab Apple tree.  I grew up with one of these right outside of our kitchen window and my mother and I would just sit and watch the birds flock to the trees and eat all of the fruit – that is until the blue jays would come and everyone of the other birds would quickly disappear.

Click on the photos to enlarge.

It’s hard to know how to post my pictures sometimes, I tend to take all of mine with the setting at the largest (in case they’re worthy of becoming a poster?).  I’m not really sure why, but I’m just a big fan of close ups and large photos allow me to zero in on certain parts of the photo.


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