In addition to this photo blog, you may have noticed my original blog (Artful Articles) where I do my thing, writing, mostly about astrological events.  I’ve been studying astrology for a long time and doubt it will ever end, and I enjoy it.  I definitely see the symbiotic relationship between what goes on up there and how it affects what goes on down here.  Some may not agree with me, but that’s okay, differing opinions make for good conversation (as long as it’s not heated).  Anyway, since my recent “unemployed” status from my full time job (not my freelancing jobs), I’ve come to realize that I like the freedom of working when “I feel” like it – I am a Cancerian afterall and Cancer’s motto is “I feel.”

While I enjoyed the stability and security of a steady paycheck and while precarious monetary balancing is not my favorite sport, I like working for myself – even if it means that I’m working harder and longer – I can stop and start when the mood hits me or when inspiration strikes at 3am.  Because of – and in spite of all these changes going on, I decided that I would start a website.  It seemed easy enough; I’ve done it for others before – but never an astrological site – there is a lot of stuff I need to write to fill the pages.  But the one thing I can do is shoot my own photos.  I have tons of astrological books and totems, I even have a crystal ball – a gift from a friend.  I haven’t been able to see any flying monkeys or ruby red slippers in it yet, but I did see a photo opportunity.  So now, when I need a break from writing the basics of my site, I whip out my trusty Kodak and set up shots on my living room table.   This is the header photo.  I’m not giving anyone the link yet, until it’s done, but when it is, I’d love to get your opinion.

Oh and I said I’ve made sites before, but apparently technology kept marching on since my techy days, so if anyone out there knows a really good WordPress Guru who knows about squeeze pages and landing pages and is looking for some work (and isn’t too expensive), I’d love an introduction.  One thing I’m learning is that I have to relinquish some control over my out of control life.  Thanks for stopping by.


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