Drive-In Movies – A Rare Find

Drive-in Movies – a thing of the past?  Not everywhere.  Fewer and fewer of these charming, family/friend-oriented places exist.  It’s refreshing to see that traditions still live on in some places.  Greene County, New York – a drive-in where you can pack the car with kids in pajamas or as many friends as you can fit in the car.  Concession stands with tons of junk to eat like hot dogs and hot buttered popcorn and sodas you can barely hold with both hands.  Swingsets for the kids to play on during intermission.  A way to enjoy an indoor past-time outdoors.  I warms my heart to think of all the movies I’ve seen at drive-ins – good memories.  Trying to sneak extra friends in the trunk.  It’s sad to think that not many of these treasures exists anymore.  For kids today, this is a novelty – for us adults, a great memory of Friday nights watching a bigger-than-life screen filled with action and sound pumping into your car like it was happening all around you – watching stars on the screen while viewing the stars in the sky – nothing like it.  Some things never change, and for that I’m glad.


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