Jersey Shore Memories


Jenkinsons Boardwalk – Pt. Pleasant – NJ


Lightning – Point Pleasant, NJ

In July of 2012 when I was still a Jersey Girl, some friends and I went to Point Pleasant for a day at the beach.  Beach weather is always funny, one minute there’s clouds, the next full-on sunshine, so a few clouds didn’t damper our excitement.  We decided to live like grown ups and do the beach a little differently than in the past.  This time we were going to Martel’s Tiki Bar and their private beach where we could sip lemonade and vodka and watch the waves.  When we got to the boardwalk it was packed for a weekday because everyone was evacuated from the beach due to lightning and thunder.  I took this shot while we were waiting to get on the beach.  It looked funny near empty with just umbrellas and coolers and no people – well two die-hard beachgoers were still there but it was mostly empty.  Lightning was striking everywhere and I finally caught one of the strikes after a  few attempts.  A few months later, I would be moving to South Carolina so this trip meant a lot to me.  I moved just two weeks before Sandy (the tropical storm) hit the Jersey Shore and changed it forever.  Now these pictures not only hold fond memories for me, but they are sprinkled with a little sadness.  I don’t always embrace change well, but with Mother Nature at the helm, you realize that some change is inevitable and you also realize just how small we are in this big world – we can’t control some things, they just happen.


Feathery Grass

Another shot I took at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden (Yes, yes, I’ll have other shots to share soon, but I took a lot of pictures at this place).

Living Arches

Arches made of bromeliads inside the orchid house at the DSBG (big surprise there LOL).

Checkout the cool bromeliad ball hanging from the center of the arch in the photo below.  I love these plants.  I took one home once from Selby Gardens in Sarasota when I lived in New York.  It got lots of Sun while attached to a tree/plant I had, but once the cold weather set in, it was just too sensitive to last.  That was one tiny plant – these arches have millions of plants attached and then the decorative ball – you can tell these were constructed with love.

As beautiful as the orchid house was, it was no place for a girl who doesn’t love humidity and who just carefully blow dried her hair.  Ah – it was worth it.

Oh yeah, one more … then I think I need some sleep – I hope my editors aren’t looking at this blog, they’ll be asking me why I’m not writing instead – but like I said before, I think I have time for both …


I have to warn you – in the short hour or two I walked around the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden with my friends, I managed to knock off a couple hundred pictures and run my battery practically into the ground, but luckily for you not ALL of my shots came out. LOL .  It really was a beautiful place and I so enjoy taking pictures, especially outdoors – nature rocks, architecture rocks, taking photos rocks – uh oh, I might even love taking photos more than I love writing.  Oh, not to worry, I have room for both in my life; and they’re both so worth the time.  This is a sky shot of the very top of some really tall grass-like plant – it was almost 10 feet tall, no lie.  Still when I looked through the lens, I never dreamed the end result would give me such a feeling of bliss.  I hope you feel the same, but you don’t have to – it’s art, it’s personal.


 This is the full “grass plant” (sorry I was too busy snapping pics to notice all the names – trying to keep up with my friends and not get lost in the maze of gardens and fountains).  Anyway, just to give you a perspective, my friend is about 5’3 and the top of her head only reached the top of where the leaves are facing downward – so you see why 10 feet is a pretty good guesstimate.  (love that word) LOL.  Thanks for stopping by.

Orchid Moment

Orchid Moment – You know when you first move somewhere, you have to try really hard to find all the little treasures that life in your new environment holds – all the places that the locals know is there but never go to because they assume it will always be there  – until one day it’s gone?  Well I wasn’t going to let my new move keep me locked up in the house despite a heavy writing deadline – I’ve lived on the border of SC and NC for a whole month  now and I’ve seen the supermarket, the gas station and the inside of my laptop and one local bar – if you look at life that way – living anywhere can be exactly as living somewhere else.  Luckily a friend from “home” came to visit, so my friend that lives here and I made some special plans for her birthday week (or few days) here – and I suggested something that had caught my eye on the day I moved here – I drove past the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden and said – I want to go there.  When I lived in New York, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden was a place I visited often – it always looked different in different seasons and it was so engaging – when I went to visit family in Sarasota, the Selby Gardens was the absolute height of one of my visits (and my step neice had her wedding there – how awesome).  So of we went three girls who grew up outdoors, walking in parks and down  canals and through woods – it was a nice step back in time and a marvelous first-journey for me and my Kodak.  We didn’t get to stay long, because we had other plans as well, but we did take a walk for a few acres and it was cool and crisp out (weather my friend from back east no doubt brought with her because up until that day it was 70 degrees out) but it felt like fall and it was so beautiful.  We did visit one indoor exhibit – the Orchid house – full of orchids and all sorts of treasures, which I’ll share with you soon.  This beauty just begged me to photograph her – she was obviously born to be adored – look at the colors and the folds of the pedals – beautiful – just beautiful.  Getting away from “life” and getting lost in a garden is one of the best ways to recall old memories, have a few laughs and forget about all the BS for a while.  No pressure, no rush.  Daniel Stowe Botanical is huge – it’s over 10 acres that you can walk all the way to Lake Wylie – another beautiful phenomenon of this marvelous place –  I’m one lucky girl.