Living Arches

Arches made of bromeliads inside the orchid house at the DSBG (big surprise there LOL).

Checkout the cool bromeliad ball hanging from the center of the arch in the photo below.  I love these plants.  I took one home once from Selby Gardens in Sarasota when I lived in New York.  It got lots of Sun while attached to a tree/plant I had, but once the cold weather set in, it was just too sensitive to last.  That was one tiny plant – these arches have millions of plants attached and then the decorative ball – you can tell these were constructed with love.

As beautiful as the orchid house was, it was no place for a girl who doesn’t love humidity and who just carefully blow dried her hair.  Ah – it was worth it.

Oh yeah, one more … then I think I need some sleep – I hope my editors aren’t looking at this blog, they’ll be asking me why I’m not writing instead – but like I said before, I think I have time for both …


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