I have to warn you – in the short hour or two I walked around the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden with my friends, I managed to knock off a couple hundred pictures and run my battery practically into the ground, but luckily for you not ALL of my shots came out. LOL .  It really was a beautiful place and I so enjoy taking pictures, especially outdoors – nature rocks, architecture rocks, taking photos rocks – uh oh, I might even love taking photos more than I love writing.  Oh, not to worry, I have room for both in my life; and they’re both so worth the time.  This is a sky shot of the very top of some really tall grass-like plant – it was almost 10 feet tall, no lie.  Still when I looked through the lens, I never dreamed the end result would give me such a feeling of bliss.  I hope you feel the same, but you don’t have to – it’s art, it’s personal.


 This is the full “grass plant” (sorry I was too busy snapping pics to notice all the names – trying to keep up with my friends and not get lost in the maze of gardens and fountains).  Anyway, just to give you a perspective, my friend is about 5’3 and the top of her head only reached the top of where the leaves are facing downward – so you see why 10 feet is a pretty good guesstimate.  (love that word) LOL.  Thanks for stopping by.


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