Memories of 2012

This was a huge year for me – life changing in many ways.  I got laid off from a 9-year stint at a law firm, I moved from the northern east coast to the southern part of the world – by a lake, but not by the sea, which I plan on visiting soon.  It’s all good, but dramatic when I look back.  Two weeks before Sandy hit the east coast, I moved out of New Jersey – and I can’t help feeling like I was lifted out of there by angels.  I was procrastinating moving, even though I wanted to, leaving my family was tough – brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles – this Christmas was hard and I wanted to go home, but I have to give my new life a chance to settle in.

Luckily I have two old friends here, so I’m not alone, and I’ve met a lot of people so far – I’m in South Carolina, right outside of Charlotte, NC and though they are two different states, where I live is considered part of the “Greater Charlotte Area” – just a quick drive over the lake bridge and I’m at the airport if I want to go.  That is when I’m not working.  I’ve been freelance writing, mostly for one company for two years – a blessing and a learning experience – I even got a chance to do some copywriting work which was another blessing – and I rediscovered my love of photography.

South Carolina has the best sunsets and of course as I was discovering this, my camera broke.  I’ve invested some Christmas funds into a new digital when I really wanted a DSLR, but couldn’t justify the expense while I still consider myself gainfully “unemployed” – a mindset I’m still working on – I’m a freelancer, I’m not unemployed.  Still, it’s been a big adjustment from being a well-paid legal assistant who has writing money for extras to someone with no job who just lives off her writing – Yes, it’s been a scary, roller-coaster of a year, but so exhilerating at the same time.  This blog post is probably the closest I’ll ever come to admitting that I’m a little unsure about the future – but since my age bracket of friends isn’t into social media, I’m pretty sure my secret is safe with you guys.  Still I can’t help but stop and be thankful for so many things in my life – good friends, great family, new friends (who I’m sure will be the inspiration for a new Jackie Collins-type book one day) and while I once dreamed of being Carrie Bradshaw (hello fellow city girl/writer), I’ve decided that I do much better as myself.  Besides, I love shoes, but I’d never spend 40 grand on Minolos!  I was just going through some old photos – kind of sad for my deceased Kodak, I realized that photos are so, so, so important – little bits of time on film that make our memories richer and let us relive moments with clarity.  I don’t know where life is leading (I could look to the stars) but I prefer to live with a bit of mystery and welcome … but I do hope – and I believe – that 2013 will be a pretty darn good year – for me and for you.  I look forward to reading more of your blogs, seeing your magnificent photos and sharing a bit of myself with you.  Thank you to everyone who has been with me for the ride – Have a Very Happy New Year.


The Nature of our Lives

gateway, lines

Archway at DSBG

There’s some peace I find in covered pathways – the soothing lines, the cover from sun while still being in nature.  It’s hard to explain the exact emotion I feel when I walk through places like this, like I’m visiting part of my past – it’s soothing, comfortable and I’m always reluctant to leave.

path of peace

… and once you’ve passed through each gateway of life, once you’ve again found yourself in unknown territory, you start to notice things you’ve never see before – and you’re thankful for this gift, thankful that you’ve been able to come this far and to reach this unknown treasure.  When we step beyond our boundaries and reach just outside that comfortable place, we are met with the unexpected beauty of yet another gift of life.