Memories of 2012

This was a huge year for me – life changing in many ways.  I got laid off from a 9-year stint at a law firm, I moved from the northern east coast to the southern part of the world – by a lake, but not by the sea, which I plan on visiting soon.  It’s all good, but dramatic when I look back.  Two weeks before Sandy hit the east coast, I moved out of New Jersey – and I can’t help feeling like I was lifted out of there by angels.  I was procrastinating moving, even though I wanted to, leaving my family was tough – brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles – this Christmas was hard and I wanted to go home, but I have to give my new life a chance to settle in.

Luckily I have two old friends here, so I’m not alone, and I’ve met a lot of people so far – I’m in South Carolina, right outside of Charlotte, NC and though they are two different states, where I live is considered part of the “Greater Charlotte Area” – just a quick drive over the lake bridge and I’m at the airport if I want to go.  That is when I’m not working.  I’ve been freelance writing, mostly for one company for two years – a blessing and a learning experience – I even got a chance to do some copywriting work which was another blessing – and I rediscovered my love of photography.

South Carolina has the best sunsets and of course as I was discovering this, my camera broke.  I’ve invested some Christmas funds into a new digital when I really wanted a DSLR, but couldn’t justify the expense while I still consider myself gainfully “unemployed” – a mindset I’m still working on – I’m a freelancer, I’m not unemployed.  Still, it’s been a big adjustment from being a well-paid legal assistant who has writing money for extras to someone with no job who just lives off her writing – Yes, it’s been a scary, roller-coaster of a year, but so exhilerating at the same time.  This blog post is probably the closest I’ll ever come to admitting that I’m a little unsure about the future – but since my age bracket of friends isn’t into social media, I’m pretty sure my secret is safe with you guys.  Still I can’t help but stop and be thankful for so many things in my life – good friends, great family, new friends (who I’m sure will be the inspiration for a new Jackie Collins-type book one day) and while I once dreamed of being Carrie Bradshaw (hello fellow city girl/writer), I’ve decided that I do much better as myself.  Besides, I love shoes, but I’d never spend 40 grand on Minolos!  I was just going through some old photos – kind of sad for my deceased Kodak, I realized that photos are so, so, so important – little bits of time on film that make our memories richer and let us relive moments with clarity.  I don’t know where life is leading (I could look to the stars) but I prefer to live with a bit of mystery and welcome … but I do hope – and I believe – that 2013 will be a pretty darn good year – for me and for you.  I look forward to reading more of your blogs, seeing your magnificent photos and sharing a bit of myself with you.  Thank you to everyone who has been with me for the ride – Have a Very Happy New Year.


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