My Hero

After the demise of my precious Kodak Z1085, I admit, I was devastated.  She and I went everywhere together.  I haven’t lost hope that I’ll find someone who will tell me “I can fix that,” but for now she’s put out to pasture for a much needed rest.

My Hero

My Hero

In comes my new savvy purchase of a Nikon D3100 DSLR – my first SLR.  Like a girl with a new puppy, I couldn’t wait to get out and play with it, but the manual is extensive – although the controls are very intuitive – I just like to read the manuals.  Someone has to support the little-appreciated technical writers of the world.  After downloading a back-up copy of “Nikon D3100 for Dummies” by Julie Adair King, a great book by the way, I felt armed with knowledge but I lacked patience for reading when my new BFF was just sitting there staring at me saying “shoot me, shoot me” – I had to get out and just shoot.  In between cameras, I had seen a million things I wanted to shoot – plus, I missed the quiet solitude of going out and getting lost in some remote place and capturing moments in time.  I love the beauty in nature and I love the peace it gives me.

I lazily and anxiously set my settings to “auto” and went to the local lake, Lake Wylie, and even though it wasn’t a very sunny day, I thought I’d play with my camera capturing sailboats, fishing boats and the like out on the water.  I parked in a public access parking lot full of trucks equipped with boat trailers.  I walked through a few trees to get to a small hill leading down to the water.  What happened next was unexpected to say the least.

A ferocious, barking, growling, 2-ounce chiguagua came up the hill out of nowhere.  He was bouncing and barking and hyper – I’m not afraid of dogs, but small dogs like that freak me out.  I always think they’re going to go for my ankles.  In steps a young, handsome prince to calm the ferocious beast.  “Does he bite,” I asked.  He nodded yes and then he  quickly grabbed the ankle-biter and posed for a picture I hadn’t even thought of taking.  I didn’t even have to ask.  He and the dog were both so cute and I was pleasantly surprised at the results of my unintended photo.  The handsome prince, the ferocious beast he saved me from (he was on a leash) made the best shot I took all day.


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