Snow in the South

When I left New Jersey in October of last year and moved to South Carolina, I was pretty convinced I’d never see snow again until I went home for a visit.  Although I’ve never been a huge fan of winter, when faced with the prospect of maybe never experiencing it again, I began to miss the notion of winter and white, fluffy snow.  I do love snow – it’s beautiful – and it’s not that I didn’t really like winter, it just makes life more difficult (and sometimes dangerous).  But all of that flew out the window today – my first real snow in South Carolina.

Snow in the South 1

Snow in the South 1

Just two hours ago, the rain from this morning was gone and the sun seemed like it was making its way out.  Luckily that’s when I decided to go to the store.  On my way back, while I was coming up the driveway, I noticed a couple of daffodils had bloomed and I was tempted to go upstairs and get my camera and come back down, but my stupid injured ankle made me too lazy – they’ll be there tomorrow, I thought.  I should know better.  When the opportunity for a shot you want to take comes up, there is no later and no tomorrow, there’s only right now.

Snow inthe South 2

Snow inthe South 2

I started to write an article that’s coming due and buried myself in my laptop.  The curtain in my window was closed.  I decided to go downstairs and stretch my legs, and I said “holy cow” as I looked out the back door.  “How long has it been snowing,” I asked one of my roomates.  “About an hour,” he said.  I ran (or hobbled rather) upstairs and got my camera out.  I just couldn’t believe it.

Snow in the South 3

Snow in the South 3

My roomate’s parents had stopped in from New Jersey the other day – they just left this morning on their way to Florida.  It made me giggle to think about it, but when my friend came for a visit in November, my other roomate commented on the fact that it was cold and how everytime someone from the north comes to visit they bring weather with them.  So thanks to my roomate’s parents and mother nature, I don’t have to miss snow this year.  It’s snowing right here – in good ol’ South Carolina.  Love it!


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