Hey There Georgie Girl

I’ve been absent from blogging for about a week – missed it terribly.  Missed reading everyone’s blogs as well and seeing all of my friends’ photos.  I’m halfway home now – or so I like to tell myself (and my car), but I had my blogger friends in mind the whole time.  Did I have my laptop with me?  Of course.  But it was a last minute trip – I’m spontaneous – and I did have three articles due so when I wasn’t working, I was spending time with family, but I did think about what I was going to do with all the stories and pictures I gathered along the way.  I’m not home yet, but I’m on the last leg of my trip and sitting in my lovely, quiet hotel room – quiet because the one show on TV I’d love to relax and watch has no sound – but that’s not me complaining.  One of the things I did learn on this trip was just how blessed I am in so many ways – a few or ten hours alone in the car leaves you a lot of time to think.

So here’s a shot I took on the way to my destination.  Took more when I got there and more on the way back that I’ll share this weekend, for now I’ll just say that I loved the trip and taking pictures and the people I went to see and the people I met along the way.  This is a little taste of Georgia – historic Savannah, Georgia to be exact.  I’ll share more tomorrow/this weekend, after I’ve had time to sort through them.  I really like travelling – pretty surprising to me since I’m usually a homebody – but it’s never too late to change.

Doorway in Savannah, GA

Doorway in Savannah, GA

That’s all for now ya’ll.


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