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“Thanks for Having Georgia on Your Mind”Savanna Bloom 2

I didn’t get a photo of that, but that’s what a sign said when I entered Georgia coming back from Florida.  I had hoped to go back to downtown Savannah on my way back, but with a five-hour trip behind me and four-hour trip ahead of me, I was glad I had gone earlier on my way to Florida. Plus it was raining for most of my ride home and it was foggy and misty when it wasn’t pouring.  I’m so glad that I experienced it on the way down on a nice warm, sunny day.  I always say that life is like photography, you’ve got to take those moments when they present themselves – and for once, I followed my own advice.

The Riverwalk

The Riverwalk

I wish I had more time to stop and take this picture sans tourists, or even to read the words on its base, but I had to do the Riverwalk by car – not an easy feat, it’s an ancient cobblestone “walk” way, but you can drive through it – barely.  The good thing was it was so crowded you could only drive a few miles per hour and that made it easy to take photos from my car. A little research revealed that this was a statue  called “Waving Girl” by Felix De Weldon.  The statue was made as a tribute to Florence Martus who greeted all of the ships coming up and down the Savannah River from her Elba Island home for 40 years.  She was the sister of the Elba Island lighthouse keeper and she’s well known for her southern hospitality.

Tomorrow I’ll share some photos of the homes of Savannah and even a beautiful bed and breakfast you might consider if you’re in the area, at least for one night.


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