Florida Bound

Sarasota and Siesta Key Beach

beach boat fly

Siesta Beach SignSiesta Key Beach isn’t in the Keys, it is however on the Gulf of Mexico – the water is blue/green and the crushed coral beach is cool to the naked foot even in the middle of the day. I remember growing up on Long Island and going to the beach. You always had to have something on your feet, it was like walking through a pile of hot coals. That’s not the case here. And unlike New York and New Jersey beaches, this one is free. Free parking, free beach, imagine that. It was spring break season in Sarasota so it was a little more crowded than I’d seen before, but that just made it more beautiful because of all the colored umbrellas on the beach and beautiful parasails in the air, along with a flock of pelicans and various birds that look like mini parrots. I’m just recovering from an Achilles tendon injury, so I skipped going on the beach this time, but that gave me a whole new perspective on photos. I was happy I went even if I couldn’t swim which is one of my favorite joys of life.

beach fun 2

It is called Siesta Key Beach, although the official sign on the main building says Siesta Beach – not sure why.  This beach was name the number one beach in the U.S. a year or two ago and I also remember seeing it on a documentary about the top 10 beaches in the world.  That’s pretty amazing – and so is the beach.  Sarasota is full of culture and beauty – and it’s fun.  I had to work one and a half days out of the few days I was there, but you can’t go all the way there and not see Siesta Key – you’d feel like you were missing out, and your would be.

two sail boogie


Well, time flies and so must I… but I’ll have a few more pics to share tomorrow – Florida’s citrus county and horse county weren’t something I could shoot too well while driving and watching the ever-changing speed limits – just an excuse to go back one day.  But I do have some other non-beachy photos – I may throw in a pelican or two, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Ciao for now.

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