Oh Yeah, the Pelicans

I mentioned my pelican pics the other day but it totally slipped my mind. I was supposed to post these before the Florida Flowers entry, but this week in SC has been pretty trying at times … It’s been a non-average of 80-85 degrees and unusually humid here. This all came about just about the same time as the AC unit in the house conked out. Last night we were on a tornado watch as storms moved from the Gulf of Mexico all the way up to Michigan. We miss a lot of bad weather here, bad weather seems to go around us like a pocket of forgiveness, but no one is impervious to weather, and occasionally the cold mountain air clashes with warm coastal currents (we’re hours away from both) and that pocket turns into a great landing place for tornados.

Pelicans over Siesta Key Beach

Pelicans over Siesta Key Beach

Here are a flock of pelicans flying over my head at Siesta Key Beach in FL. There were several flocks all flying away from the beach, which I thought was odd since pelicans are master divers and fisherman. They fly straight into the water like dive bombers, scoop up a fish or two and then float gently on the ocean’s current while they digest (?) I guess that’s what they’re doing. Still, Florida’s west coast has a lot of different birds, animals and interesting life forms you just don’t see anywhere else. I acquaint it to what Australia must look like to a US person and vice versa. I affectionately call the west coast of Florida, “Bedrock,” as in the Flintstones cartoon.  [Click photos to enlarge]

More Pelicans

More Pelicans

When I was young, I always said I wanted to come back in my next life as a bird – even as a child I wanted to spread my wings and be free. I’m so blessed to actually get a glimpse of that freedom at this time in my life and I’m so grateful. Hopefully this feeling will last, but even if it takes a detour, I’m totally enjoying the ride.


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