Sweet Home Carolina

I came back from my road trip to Florida on a pretty gloomy two-day trek.  The Sun didn’t come out until I was just about home.  By the time I drove over Lake Wylie, the Sun was glistening off of the Lake and people were out on their boats and the marina bar/restaurant was packed.  Everyone and his brother and sister were out on their Harleys, some without helmets, hair flying in the wind.  Living in South Carolina suddenly didn’t seem like a foreign place to me anymore.  I’m a born New Yorker and I’ve lived in New Jersey – I’ve yet to live in a one-name state – South Carolina is different.

A "Drive-by" Photo

A “Drive-by” Photo

(One of my signature “drive-by” photos – where I drive with the window open (eyes on the road) and point my camera towards the passenger side and click – You never know what you’ll get, and that’s half the fun – I think I was doing 45  mph or so.)

It’s old and new, it’s old-fashioned and modern and in some ways, it actually kind of reminds me a little of life on Long Island where I was born in nineteen-nevermind.  People still burn leaves in their yard (my father used to rake up a pile of leaves and I’d ceremoniously jump into it like a skydiver and he’d have to re-do the pile), the natives are friendly (southern hospitality is not a myth) and you can legally drive a pick-up truck with passengers in the open back (something I loved to do).  Heck, the other day I was in an actual traffic jam, which only usually happens when school gets out or during rush hour (which has increased a lot here since 2011 when I last visited) – do you know what was holding up traffic?  A guy on his moped driving at the head of the pack of cars, myself included, and no one beeped their horn or seemed inpatient.

Every day that I’ve lived here I’ve tried to purposely “get lost” or at least find new roads to travel. The other day I went down a road that runs parallel to the main road I live off of. I was happy to see what I think is Kings Mountain, SC off in the distance. It’s a place I’d like to check out. I think the fuzzy monument in my original picture is the monument that sits on this important site in the history of the Revolutionary War.

Neighborhood-full view

Busy Blooms

Busy Blooms

I came here for a few reasons, but one of them was to create something. I had a few ideas, but I was never more inspired than when I came “home.” I may move back north one day – I talk about it all the time – or I may not. I’d eventually like to find a permanent place to call home, but I also think there’s a lot more of the world to see. For now, this is home – rich in history, rich in diversity and culture and big on beauty. Sweet Home Carolina.


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