Southern Plantation II

Southern Plantation IIJust a quick update on our planting project – the one I started with my roomies.  It’s about 2, maybe 2 1/2 weeks since we planted some tomato and cucumber seeds in peat pots.  I’m finding the growth rate astounding, well at least for the cucumbers.  This corner plant, the first to pop, is a cucumber plant, and it’s grown quite a bit ahead of the rest – advanced in one way, not so advanced in another – it won’t let go of its seed.  You can see it on top of the two largest leaves; it’s still holding them together.  I did try to pull on it lightly so as not to rip the leaves or kill the plant altogether, but it’s on there pretty tight.  I wonder if it’ll ever release itself from the comforts of its birth seed.

I can hardly blame it for holding on to the familiar.  So far, in its very short life, it’s held on through a few severe thunderstorms, some incredible cold, some incredible heat (for April), and two tornado warnings.  My guess is that by the full Moon partial eclipse on Thursday (tomorrow), it will have an epiphany and realize that it’s a plant – and while holding onto the past in some ways can be comforting, it can also hold us back from becoming what we might become.  Eclipses are life changing events, so that’s my guess on this plant’s future.


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