Charleston, SC Southern Charm

While in Charleston, we wanted to see the College of Charleston and the City of Charleston – who knew that one is the other and vice-versa. As someone had told us, “the town is the college,” that was definitely true. The buildings are placed throughout – some are old, some are modern. And the city itself … well, part of Charleston’s charm is the way it seamlessly blends the old and new, the modern and the timeless. It all just flows and nothing looks like it doesn’t belong exactly where it is. It’s quirky and classy and simple yet charming.  (Click any of the images to enlarge.)

WindowsClick to Enlarge

I know, I need to either hold my camera straight or get some software. I did try to fix it on my camera and thought I had, still, I can admit my foibles. It was a fun day and I had fun taking these photos, and in the end the memories are what mattered most to me on this trip.
College of CharlestonClick to Enlarge
Gated Arch
PassagewaySame here – this pic could be much straighter and with so many corners and angles in it, I think I’ll just blame this “askew-ness” by saying that this is a very old archway that has probably done much settling since it was built.  When you stop laughing, you can move forward to see some straighter pictures.

Entrance WayI love the way you can look through three doorways to see the backyard from the frontyard.

Wilson-Sottile House

Wilson-Sottile House

Pierrine Miniature RosesClose-up of Inscription


5 thoughts on “Charleston, SC Southern Charm

    • Me too unfortunately we only spent about 24 hours there (some of them sleeping 🙂 ) – I want to go back for sure. The markets, the homes, the food – so nice.

    • I was looking at your site – your photos are so beautiful (got any of Charleston)? just wondering. I stared at the butterfly thistle photo for a while admiring the patience and skill. very nice.

      • Thank you! Actually my good Charleston photos are on film. 🙂 The butterflies were cooperating with me very well. It’s almost like they wanted me to photograph them.

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