Get Your Photos on National Geographic

A Note to My Photographer Friends:

Sometimes my self-diagnosed ADD gets me involved in a lot of things – everything interests me an I’m an eternal student of life. When I stick with something, I know that it’s meant for me to do – there are three things that stick with me – My love of writing, my love of creating art in many forms, and photography, which could fall under the art label, but I feel it deserves it’s own special place.

Don’t Let Opportunities Pass You By

When I think back to my childhood, before I got caught up in life and it’s expectations and obligations, I can remember junior high and taking my first photography class (before the days of digital), how I always wanted to be an underwater photography when I grew up, and thinking how much I would love to work with Jacques Cousteau.  Now that Jacques’ grandson is the star oceanic exploration, I’m reminded of how quickly life passes us by and how important it is to keep our dreams in front of us instead of behind.

beach buds for photo site

I don’t want anyone, including myself, to miss the opportunities that pop up unexpectedly, so when I went to a site that I add to once in a blue moon, National Geographic, I thought of all my wonderful photographer-blogger friends.  You’ve all inspired me and cheered me on and now I want to return the favor.

Make a Gallery – Submit a “My Shot” and get Noticed

If you don’t already know about it – I think you should post your fabulous pictures of all types to National Geographic.  You can sign up for free and they give you a gallery you can post to daily, but they also have a thing called “My Shot” (not to be confused with their “Your Shot,” which is your gallery – maybe, I’m always confused on that, but once you get there, you’ll figure it out).

Anyway, once a month you can post a “My Shot” and they pick a “daily dozen” that they show on their main website under “photography” and if you’re really lucky, they might pick one (could be yours) to add to their magazine.

You’re all such wonderful artists and I wanted to share this opportunity with you because you never know … So go to National Geographic, start a profile and post your beautiful photos – just don’t forget to read the photo rules.

I can’t wait to see them.


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