… As Time Goes By

There’s a big part of my personality that loves “what used to be,” and it blows me away when I think of all the things that didn’t even exist when I was born – things that got invented soon after and then even sooner became extinct. Think about it.

There’s this old gas station near my house. Clearly it’s part of the same property where an abandoned house sits; it probably belonged to the owner.  I always dream up different scenarios of how it became abandoned – I think it kind of looks lonely.  I joke that this town is like living in Mayberry, but I’m sure there was a time when it really was a Mayberry kind of town, and that makes me smile.  A simpler time.  Gas Station BW signed

Looking at this picture reminds me of my dad and how I used to go to the Texaco station with him on weekends in our big old car with the wings in the back like the Batmobile. I was a weird kid, I loved the smell of gas – it’s different now than it used to be, but then so again so are most things.


4 thoughts on “… As Time Goes By

  1. Love this shot! You really captured the “lonely” feeling here….BTW, I used to love the smell of gasoline too 🙂

    • Thank you so much – it does look lonely doesn’t it? See, I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves the smell of gas. I was going to say I also like the old wooden match smell, but didn’t want anyone to get the idea I was an arsonists LOL

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