Historic Belmont, NC

There’s a quaint little town called Belmont – part of the Charlotte, NC area – in a three block strip, there is a beautiful park that’s always filled with kids when they’re not in school, a fantastic steak house that makes the best key lime martinis (a must try), the next block up, you walk across railroad tracks and what looks like a formerly very busy train hub that is now more of a museum.  The trains are sitting on the track and you can always find parents loading their kids on the steps to take pictures that would probably be really cute – but I’ve gone here three times and there’s always a kid crying on those steps.  I don’t like kids crying – it makes me sad, but I have to laugh because it’s so typical and so cute how they go from “wow – a train” to flooding the tracks with tears in seconds flat.  [click the photos to enlarge]

All Aboard

Milltowne Railway Line

Nickel Plate Road

If  you get the chance to go to the Charlotte area, put Belmont on your list for a short day trip – there’s a consignment store, a general store, an antique stores (you could spend hours in) and it’s just three blocks of fun and a nice way to spend an afternoon.  The antique store reminds me a little of a place I love in upstate New York because they have an old fashioned soda fountain where they serve “Hershey’s Ice Cream” which I have to say makes the best chocolate shakes ever.   Belmont is really close to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens, which, if you follow my blog, you know I love.

I’m leaving this lovely place soon and going back to New Jersey.  Yes, it’s colder there, yes, I’ll miss the Carolinas, but right at this moment in my life, I miss my family more than I could miss any place.  The last year or so has made me quite a gypsy, which is unusual for a girl who loves “home,” but I found that home really lies within our hearts.  I will miss South Carolina, but I have a feeling that I’ll be back – at least to visit.  And since North Carolina is a mere few miles away, it’s safe to say I’ll miss that too.  What I won’t miss though is pumping my own gas and not being able to go to a diner – two things that Jersey is pretty famous for.  I’m sure once I hit the first snow in NJ I’ll be looking for warmer climate again – it’s addicting.


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