Drive By Shootings …

The Only Kind of Drive-By Shootings There Should Ever Be

Once I leave the house in the morning, my whole working day is off – it’s always been that way for me.  So after I was done running errands, I decided to make the most of it and take my camera for a ride.  “Wanna do some drive-bys,” I asked her.  She doesn’t talk much, but I knew she wanted to go.

I love driving around in my car and taking random shots or as I call them “drive-bys.”  That would explain why some are blurring – it depends on how fast I’m going, if I’m stopped or not, if I can hear a car coming in the distance … but they’re just fun.  Don’t worry, I never take my eyes off the road unless I’m completely stopped.


My neighbor’s front yard –  taken at the bottom of my driveway.  I love nature and I love that you don’t even have to leave your driveway to appreciate its beauty – it’s everywhere.

front door view

One quick turn to the right, and another neighbor’s yard catches my eye.  This is directly across the street.


I took a road I’ve never taken before (there aren’t many).  I tried to get lost – but first I got lost in this view.  Surreal moment – my cousin in New Jersey is on the speaker on my phone – we talked about everything from haircuts and hockey, to the “Housewives of New Jersey” (and OC) and I’m parked, chatting away, and shooting photos, taking in the scenery.  I thought I was on a road, but as I drove a little further, I realized I was in someone’s driveway – it’s easy to do around here – not to mention dangerous.  Around here, a mistake like that could get you shot for trespassing.  Ooops.  I did see someone and he just waved hello.  That happens a lot around here too.

Land, Water, Sky

Land, Water, Sky

After a quick turnaround, I found another road I’ve never taken before – a real road.  I took this as I stopped at the corner, waiting for traffic to drive by, but there was none.

someone's home

A bit blurry (but not the blurriest), but I just couldn’t miss taking this photo because as I drove up on it, my first thought was “Aw, this used to be someone’s home.”  I thought how different it must have looked when it was newer and lived in and it was sheltered from the sun by the huge tree (now cut down) that sat right outside its door.

Purple Rein

This field of wild purple flowers was just up the road from that old house on the opposite side – it’s not easy to take passenger side photos when you’re not the passenger, but I do love coming home and seeing how they came out.  It’s blurry, but for this shot, I think it’s okay because that’s exactly what it looked like as I sped up a little, noticing the truck coming up behind me.


As I headed towards home (completely by accident – it’s weird how roads connect around here), I noticed the slightest, sweetest scent in the air and I took my last shot – a section of honeysuckle growing on a fence – it went on for acres.  I can also smell lilacs just outside my house, but I haven’t hunted that tree down yet.  Maybe tomorrow.

Thanks for coming on my morning ride with me around the town of Clover, SC.  I look forward to many more “drive-bys” with you.


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