Zeus is the master of his lake, Lake Wylie.  He lives on it, he lives in it.  He knows everyone and everyone knows him.  He’s Zeus.

[click on the image to enlarge]



5 thoughts on “Zeus

      • LJ, the other way around. LOL! I am honored that you did this for Zeus. You are extremely talented girl!!! We will miss you, me & Zeus!!

      • Oh Cole – I’ll miss you too, but giiiirrrlllll you know I’ll be back – and I’ll miss Zeus too – I got other photos I wanted to send you – when I get settled I’ll go through them and send them to your email. Thanks girl!

      • Hmm was replying and it disappeared – anyway, girl you know i’m gonna miss you too! Take care of TT and the lake for me, cause I’ll be back – you know it! And give Zeus a big, big hug for me. (I wanna put “boo boo” in my car and steal him from Mark and Tracy he’s so huggable … but a picture will have to do LOL) You’re awesome girl, one of the nicest people I know. xo

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