Creepy But Cool – High Danger Hydrangea

If I could somehow manage to figure out how to get my “Categories” section back up on my post format page, I might add a new category called, “Creepy but Cool.”  You know those things that shock us, gross us out, freak us out, but we just can’t seem to stop staring at in awe.

No, this isn’t a freak accident – it’s just a spider – and not the itsy-bitsy kind either.  When I took it (and ran – the thought of bugs crawling on me creeps me out) I thought I was taking a picture of a Daddy Longlegs – but this is like no spider I have ever seen.  He might be a close relative of Daddy Longlegs – but this guys seems pretty protective of his flower bush – the entire bush.  To me, this say “High Danger Hydrangea.”

A Wider Spider2

Does anyone know what this is … what type of spider?  If so, leave a comment – I’m just so curious (although I have no real reason why ).  I hope I can sleep tonight – and  you too.


4 thoughts on “Creepy But Cool – High Danger Hydrangea

    • Thanks Marcy – me too. Creepy in a word. Although his black lacquer looking legs were interesting and yes the hydrangea is now in full bloom (beautiful) and no sign of the spider. thank goodness LOL thanks for stopping by.

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