Tabula Rasa (Clean Slate)

That New Apartment Smell …
and clean white walls begging to be adorned with just the right touch.

Ray Ferrer Old SchoolFabulous Art
I can’t believe I haven’t posted for more than two weeks. Sometimes life takes you away from life, but I’ve emerged in a new space, in a new place and one thing I’ve wanted to do since I dreamed about being here is fill my walls with special things – pictures, memories and art.

Ray Ferrer and urbanwallart
I’m in love with an artist, Ray Ferrer.  Maybe because he’s so “East Coast” – maybe it’s because he uses the unique medium of spray paint and hand-cut stencils to express himself – maybe it’s all of that combined – but it’s probably also because I am now the proud owner of an original Ray Ferrer, hand-signed, with a personal little “hello” message on the back – it’s called “Old School” and I bought it months ago on his Etsy site.  It came quickly and it was wrapped to perfection.  I was dying to open it, but I knew I’d be moving in a few short weeks/months (I have no sense of time) and I didn’t want to soil it, puncture it or have anything happen to it before I got to find a special place for it – over my desk where I’ll be placing my old school typewriter that I bought at an estate sale a few years back – still works!  But I don’t have a desk yet – I just have clean white walls (off white?).  But I just couldn’t wait any longer to thank Ray – for his personal emails, his expedient post, his careful packaging, his personalization and most of all his beautiful artwork.  He’s a WordPress friend, and you know how I value my WordPress relationships – we’re kindred, artistic, life-loving people.

I look forward to getting back to “normal” (you may or may not know what it’s like to move), buying a desk, taking more photos and, of course, catching your photos on WordPress again.




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