More Puppy Love

More Puppy Love

I went to a fabulous party this weekend – old friends, old memories and some new friends and memories too … this is Trixie, she loves running, chew toys, getting her photo taken and just being adorable.


I Had an Idea

An IdeaI’ve been spending so much time cleaning, organizing, etc. that I’ve hardly had time to keep up with my writing projects and even less time to get out and shoot photos.

Photos calm me. Even though I have a healthy fear of heights, I spent my last plane ride shooting photos of clouds and cities as day turned to night. Somehow when life is captured in a photo, it becomes far less scary and way more artistically calming for me.

So I had an idea – and a light bulb went on. That is after I put one in my lamp.  Here’s one of the things I did last night; I put my lamps together. Let there be light. I shot this with my iPhone, I must confess. The DSLR is on it’s rightful shelf in my SPARE CLOSET (I love those words). And it’s almost laughable as I write this to think that I’m still unpacking and organizing after a month here. You would think that I lived in a seven-room mansion or something – instead of my one bedroom apartment. But it’s all mine, and I’m taking my time with it.

(By the way looking at this photo now, I see a clump of spackle hidden under my white paint- Hmmmm.)

I’ve missed my photo friends and I look forward to getting back to normal, getting up to speed and getting into taking more photos so we can share again.  ~LJ