Charleston Charm

Now that I’m back in New Jersey near family and friends again, I’m happy – but I do miss a lot about South Carolina. The people are nice, and the respect for history makes for some charming town and cities – like Charleston. Today I have to go to the airport to pick up my friend who is dropping her kid off at college in Charleston – that was part of the reason why when she came to visit my friend and I in Clover that we hopped in the car for a short overnight trip to Charleston. I fell in love with that place and I look forward to going there again and spending more time. The open air market, the rooftop restaurant where we ate crab cakes, and all the things we didn’t get to see because of time. Thinking about it made me look at some old pics and takes a trip down memory lane.


A Lovely Share

My BFF and former roommate from SC seems to have taken on my love of photo taking – she sent me this photo the other day.  We used to have a yellow butterfly that visited us on a daily basis, and now that I’m gone, it seems a new butterfly has entered the scene.

tracys butterfly-a

I complimented her on her inspiring photo.  However …. the following day – the butterfly came back as butterflies often do in my former backyard and my roomie just happened to be outside playing with her pups.  Here’s a great shot I like to  call “Flowers, Butterflies and Girl’s Best Friend.”

tracys butterfly-b

It would seem that my former roomie and current BFF has a real eye for what an interesting photo looks like – it’s like a 3D photo and the look on Nena’s face is priceless.  Nice going Trace.