Just Sharing

I ran into this great website through a twitter follower … ProofPositive.com not only lists the latest books that are currently running for free on kindle, but they also sponsor photo contests.  They currently have two going on and since I know so many wonderful photographers through WordPress, I wanted to share this with you. I know there’s someone out there (whose blog I view regularly) that’s going to benefit from this – I just know it! At least I hope so. The site is ProofPositive.com and here’s a link to one of the contests – this contest has 13 possible categories – and you should see what the winner gets!  Contest.

And don’t forget to checkout the other contest.  If you go to the main page, just scroll down towards the bottom.  I know – the deadline on both (as I remember) is October 16, but I’m sure that plenty of you already have shots to contribute without having to go out and create something new – or you could if you want to.

I don’t have any affiliation with ProofPositive, it was just a site I saw that interested me – at first for the heads up on weekly free kindle content and then the photography contests – which of course made me think of you!

Share, share – that’s fair!  Enjoy and GOOD LUCK!  Let me know if anyone I know wins – I’ll be so excited for you!


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