Overcoming Resistance – Just Doing It

What Steven Pressfield and my Nephew Joseph Taught me About Going Pro


Here are some photos of Joe Innes, my nephew, who blew his aunt and a lot of other people away while performing his creative raps on the stage of the infamous Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey, yesterday.

Quite honestly, as a note to all my fellow photo clickers out there, I was too nervous and caught up in the moment to go manual with my DSLR – I decided to use the auto setting – too bad that wasn’t what the camera was actually set on.  Still, I’m proud of these pics and proud of my nephew who taught this girl a few things about herself while also impressing her with some really poignant lyrics wrapped in a rap – brilliant.  Click here to get the full back story on my writing blog.


Joe Stage 5


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