A Matter of Perspective

Focusing on the Positive

It’s snowed heavily this morning in New Jersey.  Nothing like Wisconsin or nearby Pennsylvania got, but I’m not talking about inches – I’m talking about intensity.  Even when we got four inches in two hours when I lived in South Carolina last winter, it didn’t seem to come down with quite the same adamant force.  For me it was like being a kid again (it definitely doesn’t snow like it used to).  And what’s not to be grateful for … this is the view from my back door.


Whiteout 1

Whiteout Sinkhole

Whiteout 2

Focusing on the Negative

Focusing on the negative isn’t really my thing, but sometimes snow on the ground kind of sheds a new light on the landscape – some things are covered up by snow and other things are easier to see.

While standing on the patio of my apartment, marveling at the beauty of snow (happy knowing that I wasn’t going to be driving in it) I began to smile.  However, my camera and I were both getting wet, so it was just about time for me to shoot and scoot.

I guess anyone who does or did follow this blog (or my other blog) knows that since leaving the south I’ve been somewhat uninspired to take photos – at least not as inspired as I was when I was living in a landscape I’d never seen before, but today was different.  I wanted to see if I could capture snowflakes in motion, but I could barely make the flakes out with my naked eye, it was coming down so fast.  (I caught some shots last night of snow in motion, and I’ll share those later maybe.)

I took a shot to my left (Whiteout 1) and a shot to my right (Whiteout 2).  And then it dawned on me – I’m living between a manhole and a sinkhole.  Was I focusing on the negative?  Nah … I found it kind of funny actually.  It takes so little to amuse me.