Sparkling Winter Wonderland

As I gaze upon this frozen tundra, I can’t help thinking – It’s summer down under.

Trying to make the best of the chilling temperatures – having a little fun with the camera  – (doo doo doo) looking out my back door.


Sparkling Snow Clouds

The Sun was blazing today despite the single-digit temps.  The snow and ice on the porch above melted in the sunlight and made some pretty interesting designs in the frozen snow below.  It looks as though there are round objects on the snow-covered ground, but it’s as flat as Kansas under there. [click to enlarge]

Ice Water Ice

Ice Water Ice

I think this ice looks like a crystal science experiment, or a grain of salt under a microscope.  It was pretty the way everything sparkled because of the Sun. [click to enlarge]

Breaking Ice Footsteps

Breaking the Ice

I love that Mother Nature mixes snow with sunlight and makes everything sparkle.

Some curious or perhaps shelter-seeking animal walked from the woods towards my kitchen window and then suddenly turned left and walked by my back door.   My only proof is the tracks; I didn’t actually see anything.  It may have been a wild cat, but the snow is a little high for them and the prints look more like deer – really tiny deer prints.  As long as they don’t look like shoes, I’m good.  Aw, did I miss Bambi? [click to enlarge]