Snow Birds

Yesterday New Jersey, where I currently live, was host to the Super Bowl.  It was the first fairly warm day we’ve had in weeks.  Today all those people trying to get home got a surprise and so did the residents of this tiny Garden State.

At 5 am it was cold and rainy – you could see the bare ground and having expected snow at midnight, I was sure that the weather report had been wrong again.  Maybe we were going to be spared.  It’s been near zero for weeks with intermittent snowstorms.  Two thoughts come to mind – 1) why didn’t I got to meteorology school, and 2) why did I leave South Carolina?  I know why on both counts, but I still hate the cold sometimes.

When I got up for the second time (rainy Mondays aren’t very motivating for the early riser in me) it was 7 am and it was snowing blizzard style.  On the news (which I pretty much watch only during weather events), people who attended the Super Bowl were now trying to get back home – they didn’t want to be here anymore than the rest of us – but they were stranded at the airport some 30 miles away from my humble digs, and here it didn’t look like anyone was going to work either.  No one was going anywhere.  The Governor declared a state of emergency, and the snow came down for over 12 hours.

Meanwhile, midday, I needed a break from work and as I peered out of the back window, I saw the strangest sight:  A congregation of what appeared to be doves high in a tree, face to face with the oncoming snow.  It was a bit odd, but beautiful.  I had to get my camera and brave the conditions from the safety of my damp, but snow-free patio.

Out on a Limb  (Click to Enlarge)

Out on a Limb
(Click to Enlarge)

I say they were doves because they looked much larger than the other birds flying around looking for a safe place to land and hide.  The picture doesn’t do their size justice and it’s hard to tell even in the photo exactly what type of birds they were – their tail feathers seemed to be shaped like doves, but you can tell me.

Whether you’re a bird lover like me, or even better, a member of the Audubon Society, feel free to leave a comment and let me know what types of birds you think they are.


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