The Rise and Fall of a Snowman

I woke up the other morning with the biggest smile greeting me – the smile of a happy, happy, happy snowman – he was the happiest, tallest and best snowman I’ve seen so far this year and he was right next door.  “Good morning Mr. Snowman.”

Good Morning Snowman

He seemed to be waiving me over – “Come out and play,” but I could not. The weather was too harsh, but I was happy to peak out at him every once in a while – he made me smile too.

The snow was being covered by freezing rain – it was coming down hard and it was too harsh to venture outside, but Mr. Snowman continued smiling – what a trooper. Though he didn’t show it in his face, things were obviously weighing heavily on Mr. Snowman.
Going Down Snowman

Finally, the harsh reality – in snow, as in life, nothing is forever. Mr. Snowman finally succumbed to the weather.
The Fall of a Snowman.

Darkness was not the only thing that fell that night. We’ll miss your smiling face Mr. Snowman.


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