Zen in Black and White

I ventured out the other day – it was a foggy morning. The unseasonably warm air hit the frozen snow on the ground – Mother Nature’s fog machine.

I’ve passed this cemetery many times over many years and never once felt compelled to visit it – until this one foggy morning. It drew me in. The fog gave it a mystery and a peace that I think befitting a place of rest – solitude, quiet.

[Click any of the photos to enlarge]

Foggy Evergreens

Foggy Evergreens

Row of Fog

Row of Fog

Foggy Road

Foggy Path

Grave Road

Eternity Road

It strikes me funny how blah blah black and white my photo blog has been of late.  That’s winter for  you.

Even color photos appear as if they were shot in black and white – perhaps they should be shot in black and white, but they don’t appear that way when you’re aiming the camera.

Taking pictures is so peaceful for me – whether in my car or on foot (not in this slush), whether it’s quiet or I have some great music playing – it’s my solitude.  Far away from phones and computers – just me and the lens – it’s pure Zen.


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