Black and White Two

I had a touch of color added to my wintery world this morning.  That photo I’ll share with you tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are a few more shots of my misty morning in a local cemetery.

Some people might find this subject matter scary or depressing, I just found it peaceful.  There are very few times in our lives these days when we can become completely unplugged and just enjoy a little peace and quiet.

As someone who remembers the age of no cell phones, no home computers, no work computers and the joys of reading a book or just taking a walk for no reason, I have to say that I enjoyed my brief stay at the local cemetery.

I love the black and white quality of these color photos.  They somehow remind me of the photos my mom used to take with our old Kodachrome camera.

[Click any photo to enlarge]

ab-Misty Morning-blog

Misty Morning

ab-Misty Morning Too-blog

Misty Morning Too

ab-Tree O-blog

Tree O


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