It’s Snowing


No, not really – it’s not snowing, but while checking my gmail this morning, I found a tab that said “Pictures” – apparently, photos that I’ve been uploading to my new and old blogs were captured and grouped in this depository.  Kind of creepy since I didn’t create this and I didn’t create the folders that my pictures got lumped into – but I did hit this cool button that said “enhance” on this photo.  I made it snow.  I thought how cool would this be as a Christmas card photo that you could email to others.  That’s all – just wanted to share.  It takes so little to make me happy – not that snow makes me happy, but it does have its moments – like when I can look at it from my yard and know that I don’t have to drive in it.  This was a rare photo of snow in South Carolina – this particular snow storm gave us four inches of snow in two hours.  By the following day, under the high-noon Sun, it was all melted away.


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