Organic Experiences


Looking through some old photos today, I found some pictures I took while Upstate (New York) last fall.  Going Upstate is one of the most fun and peaceful things I get to do each year.  It’s a yearly trip I take with my cousins – and even if it’s the same trip every year to the same places, each trip is inevitably different and wonderful in its own unique way.  Looking at these pictures takes me back to that feeling – memories.

Tomatoes at BlackHorse Farms

Tomatoes at Blackhorse Farms

Squash BlackHorse Farms 09-2014

Squash at Blackhorse Farms

Pumpkins at Blackhorse Farms

Pumpkins at Blackhorse Farms

Looking at these fruits and vegetables just reminds me that when we want to buy “organic” it’s best to go straight to the experts – the farmers.

A True Organic Experience

If you’ve ever, by chance, heard of Chef Damon Baehrel or his famous, out-of-the-way dining experience called the Basement Bistro, then you know that “Damon works completely alone in the restaurant, and on the surrounding 12 acre property, which is the ONLY source of ingredients, Native & Cultivated, that Damon utilizes in his original Native Harvest Cuisine.”

His reservations are hard to get, his “dining experiences” last for hours and they cost a pretty penny too – well worth the experience, I’m sure.  I’ve never had a chance to eat at Damon’s bistro or to meet Damon in person, but apart from admiring his unique creativity, I think what I admire most about him is the way he shares with the community he lives and works in.

Here is a vegetable stand that stands just outside of the gates of the Basement Bistro.  Anyone driving buy can purchase the fruits (and vegetables) of Damon’s labor.  The prices are decent, the food is gorgeous (and huge!) and it’s all done on the honor system.  You get your bag, you pick your stuff out and you leave the money in a box.  I also love the hand-painted sign that just adds charm to this already charming vegetable stand.

Vegetables - Basement Bistro Gates 09-2013

Vegetable Stand at the Basement Bistro