Mantis Pratensis

I love the odd, unusual and unique things that nature offers us.  I went outside to get some air and stare at my garden – five potted plants – three flowering and two Kentucky Bluegrass plants.  The name for the Mantis is often referred to as “Praying Mantis.”  Ironically, the Latin name for Kentucky Bluegrass is Poa Pratensis.  That’s how I came up with the odd name for this post.  Being a bit of a wordsmith, it was not lost on me that Mantis and Pratensis had a similar ring to them, but also, if you think about it, these are pictures of a Mantis pretending to be a Pratensis.  I know, it’s a far-fetched thought, but nonetheless, it made me chuckle.

This Mantis is a baby. It may be hard to tell from the shots themselves, but certainly it’s the smallest I’ve ever seen.  They’re so cool.

Kentucky BlueGrass

Color Conversion

Blending In

Blending In

Mantis Pratensis

You Keep Me Hanging On

I drove this little guy (or girl) crazy.  I turned the pot around to get closer and get a different angle – I did it slowly but I still think I made the Mantis mad.  This is the last shot out of about 40 and if you look close enough, you can almost see his face basically saying “I’m trying to Zen.”


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