In Memory of a Lifelong Friend

Sometimes in life we get lucky and we make friends with people we click with.  An unwritten bond forms between you, and you know that when you see them again – even if it’s years later, that you’ll pick up right where you left off without ever skipping a beat.  Some people are just so memorable.  That was my friend Merv.  RIP brother.

Photographer Unknown (Probably Paula)

Photographer Unknown (Probably Paula)

Merv loved bikes, drag racing and he was an awesome photographer.  A true Sagittarius, always on the move.

This SC sunset is for you my friend.

SC Sunset for MervSC Sunset for Merv 2


Upstate New York

The weekend before I moved back down South, I went on my annual trip with my cousin to the place where we spent summers as kids in the Catskills of Upstate New York.  We used to go up here as kids and I loved it although I didn’t spend as many weekends as my cousin did, I still have very fond memories of being up there in the summer.  We reminisce and talk about our family and we always feel like our grandparents are right there with us when we visit the bungalows we used to stay in.

Both the Long Island Medium and Mike the Situation had episodes on their shows where they went to this very same place which amused my cousin and I.  This place was a traditional summer vacation place for many families in the 60s and 70s and while many of the places we know of close each year, there is still a rich and vibrant community here of artists, culinary kings and queens and a really awesome German bakery and a family-owned German pork store.

We always go on the last weekend of summer.  We usually miss the Garlic Festival (which I understand is pretty famous) and we go way too early for Oktoberfest (since we both don’t drink beer anyway it’s no biggie), but none of that matters.  We look at nature and animals and visit old familiar places (thriving or not) and sample some of the best Black Forest cake (not to mention the Black Forest ham) that you could ever hope for outside of Germany.  We ride around the town of Catskill and hunt for Cats.  It’s an art project that started about six or so years ago where local artists decorate ceramic cats and they get put around town and then they get collected for an annual auction to raise money for the area.  I’ll share some of the cat photos later this week, but here’s a peek at one of my favorites.


“Potatoe” Ozzy Cat

For now – here’s a look at the waterway (creek) that leads to a place deep in the woods that was an awesome swimming hole we loved when we were kids.  It’s called Maggie’s Hole – a name I never really loved as a kid, but now it doesn’t bother me much.  The path to the hole is so overgrown it’s barely passable – we made it one year, but after we spotted the coyote/wolf the following year, we decided to love Maggie’s Hole via the bridge that runs over it.

Here on the last day of summer, the leaves had already decided it was fall and they fell upon the crystal clear water.  If you look closely at this first picture, you may just spot not one, but two fish.  They’re almost undetectable, but give it a shot.

Fish Fall

Swimming with the Fishes (Click to enlarge)

Here’s a view from the other side of the bridge.  It takes  your breath away.

Maggies Hole Creek