The Path – A “Drive-By” Shooting

The Unclear Path

I love taking photos and playing with different techniques.  While in Upstate New York in September, I took advantage of being the passenger.  While my cousin drove up and down winding, wooded mountain roads, I pointed my camera out the window and just shot at random.

Random shootings, drive-by shootings – they’re terrible and tragic things that happen in our world today.  That’s why I like to call these photos “Drive-Bys.”  Not only are they fun because I never really know how they’ll turn out, but they put a positive spin on a negative term.  Photos taken while in motion should be the only “drive-by shootings” we should ever have to experience.

This one has a real “Hansel and Gretel” effect on me.  It’s a long, winding path to who knows where.  It’s makes you want to follow it and see where it leads.  (We didn’t do that; we’re not crazy.)  But as the name would imply, we just drove by.


The Path


The Ripple Effect

According to Merriam-Webster, a ripple effect is “a situation in which one event causes a series of other events to happen.”

While out on my balcony early this morning, I thought of “the ripple effect” as I looked at the ripples on the lake water below.  I thought: “How lucky I have been, how fortunate I am now and how all of my life’s journeys have led me here (for now).

Morning View - Ripples