Annual Boat Parade on Lake Wylie

One of many reason that I looked forward to coming back to Lake Wylie was the beautiful Annual Boat Parade.  This year my vantage point came from the water (in a boat of course) as opposed to joining hundreds of spectators on the shore. From the outdoor deck of T-Bones Restaurant and Bar and all along the adjoining boat dock and even further down the southern shoreline, generations of people line up to witness this awesome spectacle of Christmas done the lake way.  Being on a boat myself trying to take pics of moving lit objects at night was difficult at best and a lot of my shots came out blurry (and I was the only one not drinking).  Still, I managed to grab a few shots that give you the excitement and flavor of the evening.  It’s loud with music and people and you can smell as well as see bonfires along the shore.  One boat had a huge birthday party going on – a double-decker boat, completely decked out in Christmas lights with tons of people dancing on the top deck surrounded by heat lamps that glowed with fire.  It was cold, it was fun and it was every bit as beautiful as I remembered it to be from two years ago.

Boat Parade 3 2014

The “party boat” is in back of this passing boat – but check out those lights!!!  The water was drenched in color on top of a black night background – so nice.

Boat Parade 2 ducks 2014These two ducks were following a boat that had a swan on the front.  Or maybe it was a Christmas goose.  But they were so huge and so cute – it was a real original idea.

Boat Parade 7 2014


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