A Trip to Nashville – Part II

On Broadway – The Heart of Nashville

As I mentioned in my first post about my trip to Nashville (Nov. 2014), the lovely weather I experienced driving from South Carolina to Nashville took a turn for the worse after my arrival.  Being a born Long Island girl, I’m no stranger to cold weather, whipping winds and chilling temperatures, however, having lived in the lovely South for a while, my tolerance for below-freezing temperatures has considerably waned.  Most of this post will consist of my trip downtown to the famous Broadway area of Nashville.  However, I must say that the majority – okay all of these photos were taken by me as I was driving.  My tour guide and good friend, David, is partially-sighted so he doesn’t drive, but he was born and raised in this area and he knows more about his surroundings then most people I’ve met who are full-sighted.  Personally, I was amazed at his navigational abilities as he tried to direct me down everything from highways to side-streets.  Having said that, we decided to make my first visit to the Broadway area via the car, vowing to actually get out and re-photograph some of these sites when the weather was more permitting.  Still, I hope you’ll enjoy the view as much as I did, especially if you’re like me and you’ve never been there before.

Acme and the Underground

Acme and the Underground

In case you’re wondering why I would take a photo of the Acme Farm Supply building, it’s because it’s actually no longer a farm supply but a great eating and entertainment venue, now called the Acme Feed & Seed.  I’ve provided a link so you can see what it’s all about inside.  I’m personally looking forward to my next trip to Nashville (February or March) so I can check out the interior for myself.  My friend told me that it was owned and “saved” by some very famous people, but since I was driving, navigating heavy traffic and taking pictures, it was all a little too much to take in.  I’ll update you on this after my next trip.

The National Underground, just next door, is another great place to eat and enjoy some musical entertainment.  It’s owned by the songwriting and recording artists, Joey and Gavin DeGraw.

Whether by car or on foot, no trip to any city would be complete without a shot of the local Hard Rock Cafe.  I distinctly remember the freezing, whipping winds, but looking at these pictures of people not even wearing coats is making me feel like a real wimp.

Hard Rock Nashville

Hard Rock Cafe – Nashville

If you’re looking for souvenirs, records, t-shirts and the like to remember your trip to Nashville, you should probably stop at Cotton-Eyed Joe’s.  There’s another Cotton-Eyed Joe’s in Knoxville, but it’s more of an entertainment venue – just wanted to avoid any confusion.  I especially love the preservation of the old architecture of Nashville.  Look at the house-shaped stones on the building and the weathered bricks.  So cool.

Cotton Eyed JoesI imagine that it’s not an unusual occurrence in Nashville to spot a guy on the street with a guitar strapped to his back.  This “Guitar Man” was hanging outside of Cotton-Eyed Joe.  I didn’t have time to see what he was up to – remember I was driving by.  This is my own particular brand of photography I like to call “Drive-By Shootings.”  Some come out blurry, but I still find it fun and challenging as well – you don’t always get what you expect.

guitar man

Guitar Man

While I was in Nashville, there was a lot going on – like Tootsie’s World Famous Orchid Lounge‘s 54th Birthday.  They literally had the end of Broadway closed to traffic for a couple of days prior to this photo celebrating Tootsie’s birthday with live music in the street – it was a big, big deal, but like I said freezing temps … (I’m a wimp; I know – but I packed crop pants and flip flops – not exactly cold-weather wear – it hardly ever gets this cold in South Carolina, so how was I to know?)



This was especially exciting for me to see since Tootsie was my grandmother’s nickname.


Driving Into Downtown Nashville


Charleston and Folly Beach

I recently came across some old photo files (previously unpublished) from a trip my girlfriends and I took to Charleston, SC.  We visited a great place called Folly Beach (just over the bridge) and it was a super-overcast day, but the photos still came out great.  The weather actually set the mood and made for some cool effects.  There’s also a fabulous open air market, that I could imagine sitting at on weekends selling my various crafting projects.

Market Leather and Bike 2-2

Yellow Beach Flowers

Folly Beach - Beach13

Juanita GreenbergsFolly Beach - Beach6Beach Flowers - redPaws in the Sand 2Charleston StreetsFolly Beach - Beach PierFolly Beach Houses 2Folly Beach Flowers pink and orangeWhite Bldg with Palm Trees and weather vein

Folly Beach Houses 1

Simple Beauty

When I’m feeling like the world is closing in on me … deadlines, bills, must-dos and all the other stuff life throws at all of us, I get outside with my camera.  It clears the cobwebs, and makes the world seem a little bigger and brighter, which in turn makes all the other “stuff” seem smaller.  Breathe the air, touch the ground and look around – there’s simple beauty everywhere.  It could be a kid holding a box of cookies, smiling like a treasure hunter who just found a gold mine.  Perhaps it’s a bird splashing around in a birdbath.  Or maybe it’s just a beautiful sky with clouds that look so close it’s as if you could just reach out and touch them.

Touch the Sky