Looking Back

After yesterday’s post, I decided to look back at old photos (from 2012/2013) to get me back in the groove of getting out there with my camera.  I wanted to recapture that inspired feeling.  Like crafts and art, photography is my Zen – it’s my outlet:  it all keeps me sane.  I think that’s why even though I love oceans and architecture and everything in between – my real peace is found in seeing green.  I think the thing that scares me more than anything is that I came from a place that used to be hugely green and now it’s full of housing developments that leave practically no natural elements.  And I see that happening here now too.  I guess it’s easier to drive a bulldozer through a stretch of nature than it is to go around it.  Photographing things that may not be here tomorrow is my way of preserving beautiful landscapes.  I can’t imagine being someone who never gets to feel the peace of looking out and seeing nothing but nature as far as the eye can see.  So here’s more green stuff and more old structures.  Indulge me.  And if I’ve repeated any photos here, then I guess they bear repeating.

As Far as the Eye Can See

As Far as the Eye Can See

Dualing Barns

Dualing Barns

Instead of old buildings, I see history.

God Bless America

God Bless America

I saw on Facebook how everyone is posting pics holding the American flag and it made think of this photo taken in 2012.  I’m happy to say that this structure is still standing today.  I’m all for modern conveniences, but a little preservation goes a long way in my book.

StationI’m glad I got this shot when I did.  Although the gas station is still standing and the house next to it still abandoned, the back building (on the left) has suffered some real weather-related damage.  I keep thinking this will be taken down before long, but as of today, it’s still standing.

Some people call me a “city girl” but there’s a little bit of country in here too.


Get it While You Can

I love old barns and buildings.  I love the feeling I get looking out over a sprawling field of green.  And I get really sad when I see woods and green fields being sold off and dug up to make way for cookie-cutter housing communities.  But I guess that’s progress.

On my way home from the gym, I see this property every day.  I’ve always wanted to get the nerve to drive down the long driveway and get a close-up shot of the old barn that I knew might not be there one day.  Today, I saw a real estate sign and I suddenly got the nerve.  That is after I called the real estate office to make sure I wasn’t trespassing.  They said, “Oh you’re fine,” which is a common saying around here that I just love.


A Road Previously Less Traveled

The house and old barns fortunately seem to be left (at least for now) but all of this surrounding property has been divided into 13 lots – and they’re all sold.  In fact I passed two men starting construction on a house already.  Take a good look because it’s going to be gone probably in an instant.  Maybe the owner needed the money – I don’t judge; I just think it’s sad.

Peaceful Pond

Peaceful Pond I


Peaceful Pond II

Much to my surprise, to my right half-way down the drive I spotted this beautiful pond.  I actually saw ripples from a fish jumping.  All I could think was that I hoped this pond would be left in tact, maybe as part of someone’s yard.  I don’t know its fate, but every time I see something so beautiful, I feel compelled to shoot it.  I don’t take anything for granted and I don’t fool myself into thinking that it will definitely still be there tomorrow.


This Old Barn

Not too clear (remember my battery was waning) but here it is, the barn I’ve always thought about shooting.  It was as close as I could get from the road as the property it was on was clearly posted and I respected their privacy.  This was to my left as I traveled down the rock and dirt road, the pond was on my right as the road curved around.  Some people might not love seeing old, aging barns, but I find them quaint – it’s history.  I wondered what life would be like for these people once they were surrounded by houses instead of green fields.  Not really my business – I just like capturing nature in photos.

Taking these photos becomes contagious.  I start getting the urge to venture to other places I’ve wondered about but never seen, and so I did.  I took a short trip further down the main road and hung a left, which brought me to many more roads that I never knew existed, but mainly this road took me along the back of the properties I often admire from the main road.



Something about this house made me stop.  It just looks like a wonderful place to call home, complete with its American flag, it’s green lawn and yet another pond next door.

Another Pond

Another Pond

This pond was huge, but I wanted to show the wild flowers (aka weeds, but still pretty) and the horse grazing high on the hill.  How can you not stop and just enjoy the view?  We do – most times we just drive by without a thought because life is busy.

High on a Hill

High on a Hill

Here’s a view of him lazily grazing that I took from the dirt road that runs along the property and leads back to the main road – aha!  If you think driving down dirt, wooded roads isn’t a bit scary, it is, but I knew I wasn’t hurting anyone and I was willing to take my chances.

Here’s a couple more shots I took before heading back home.  So much to see, so much to explore and so much to photograph just in case it’s gone tomorrow.


Natural Rock

Judging by the old fireplace in the woods just next to where this shot was taken, I assumed this must have been someone’s front yard a long time ago.  It’s a natural beauty – a super large rock resting in the shade.


This Old Shack

A few winding roads away, yet another pond and an old shack of a building.  Yes, I find both nature and history charming.