More Folly

So, I wasn’t the only one armed with a camera during our long (short) weekend in Folly Beach and Downtown Charleston.  I had my DSLR and my iPhone – and of the three other people along with me, two took pics on their phones as well.  I’ve offered to collect and compile them as well as separate the public pics from the “friends-only” pics.  Some people like to share everything, but our little group has a “no social media” rule that we follow.  The rule says that before you post anything, everyone included in the post has to agree – it must be unanimous.  I love taking pictures, and I can see the horror in some people’s faces when I catch them on camera doing weird or funny things – I always reassure them that I’ll never post anything they don’t approve of.  To do otherwise would be rude.  As for compiling pics and separating them, it takes a bit of work.  Honestly I wish I had the kind of time so I could just spend a whole day on it, because it’s hard to remember just where you left off when you stop mid-stream, but I don’t have that kind of time.  (Note:  Add “more time” to wish list.)

So after my semi-long diatribe, here are some more pictures of our trip – although not all … there will be more to follow on Folly.

First up, a little art, beachy style.  (See?  I was serious about the dunes and so is the community.)

IP Beachside Art flipflops

IP Beachside Art 1 (2)Some interesting displays of art – lost shoes and discarded toys and shovels being put to good use – the misfit toys would be proud of the Folly Beach inhabitants.

IP Saving the Dunes at FBThe Dunes are show above.  Oddly, there were more flowers here in April than in August and if you saw my previous pics from April you’ll see what I mean.

Even the local water tower has a unique look – viewed here via the beach.

IP Folly Beach Water TankDon’t let the sand fool you – it’s not like Sarasota’s sand which is made of crushed coral which stays cool to the touch even on the hottest of days.  This sand is more like Jersey Shore sand or Long Island beach sand (my only personal comparisons) and it is hot, hot, hot.  The first time I was here was on a cloudy day in April, so I didn’t really think about sand temps, but I’m just saying.  All those people missing flip flops were probably pretty sorry.  There are lot of shells in the sand too, in and out of the water, so barefoot is not always the best option if you have sensitive feet.

IP crab shackThis is the inside of the Crab Shack which I mentioned in my last post.  There’s both indoor and outdoor seating, but for us, it was so hot that first day, we chose anywhere we could hide from the Sun – good choice!  (That is my initial drink, an ice cold drink of water.)  Don’t you just love the mural and the colors all around?  It makes for a great background for personal pics, but as I mentioned earlier, we have a social media rule and I will not break the code.

Center Street TacosTaco Boy is on the other side of the street from the Crab Shack right on Center Street.  We didn’t eat here, but it was always bustling with business and I just love the way it’s decorated.  I know I have several close-up shots of this beautiful, artsy door somewhere – but like I said, so many pictures, so little time.

Of course Center Street in Folly Beach is not only home to a few good places to eat and shop – if you find yourself in a bind, it’s nice to know that there’s a law office right on the main drag, conveniently located right next to City Hall.  Having worked for lawyers all of my life, I found this shot particularly tickling.

lawyerIP Bloody Mary CS-styleDid I mention that the Crab Shack also makes the best Bloody Mary’s I’ve ever tasted?  Not to mention the lemon drop shots.  Did we go a bit overboard?  Perhaps, but it was vacation after all.  (BTW that may be one of my friend’s arms in the background but I’ll never tell.)  You know your in the south when you get your beverage in a mason jar.

The Crab Shack is also right next door to Planet Follywood, which we didn’t visit on our trip, but we did take pics on the outside – the whole side of the building is a life size mural of famous Hollywood stars like the Rat Pack, Marylin Monroe, etc.  I’ll have to ask permission to post that one, but let’s just say it’s a great place to get pics of your friends because they seem to blend in with the mural.

I suppose I’ve shared enough Folly pictures for now.  In my next post, we’ll cruise about 11 miles towards downtown Charleston and share some of its southern charm.


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