Lakeside Sunrise & Moonset

The Northeast, my former home, got bombarded over the weekend with 30-or-so inches of snow.  Meanwhile in the South we spent last Friday frozen in by a pretty major ice event (about 3-5 inches) covered by a dusting of snow.  I must say that while my sympathy was with my friends, family and everyone else left to dig out of all that snow, I was kind of happy to see a little white stuff, especially since I was hunkered in for the weekend with no thoughts of going anywhere.

Monday, while my friends were still digging out in order to get to work, I rose with the Sun and went out on my patio and caught the most beautiful sunrise.  The Sun on Sunday had melted the majority of our ice and snow and the promise of warm weather (50s at least) has returned.

On the other side of my patio (I’m on a corner) overlooking the parking lot of my apartment complex, the full Moon was getting ready to rest just as the Sun was rising.

We have some of the most beautiful sunsets here in South Carolina, and now I can say the same about the moonsets and sunrises.  Pink and orange and yellow … the colors are breathtaking.

Lakeside Sunrise

Full Moon at Sunrise

Even though I’m in South Carolina, I’m only a few miles from Charlotte, North Carolina. Despite the South’s limited resources when it comes to a snow and ice event, you can bet that Charlotte did it’s best to make sure that nothing would spoil the Panther’s game at home on Sunday.  Go Panthers!