Nightlife Afterlife


Chair ThereWhen I took this picture a few years ago at the world-famous Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey, it was just a random shot.  Perhaps there was someone sitting at the table to my left who got caught in the lights creating this shadow figure, but I truly don’t recall anyone sitting in the little section that holds just a few small tables that sits just a step or two above the main floor.  It was early after all and the crowds had yet to pile in.  Perhaps it’s an old soul who is just hanging around for the music and the atmosphere, or possibly to enjoy some “spirits.”  Some say it’s haunted, and maybe it is.  Perhaps if I had noticed him at the time I would have mentioned that he’s sitting backwards on his chair, or that his back was halfway through the table – but when you’re pure energy it’s safe to say you can do pretty much what you want, right?


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