The Waiting

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“The waiting is the hardest part.”    ~Tom Petty


Welcome to the Jungle

The Stray Cat Strut

While cleaning up this weekend, I came across some SD cards from various cameras I’ve used over the years along with two throw-away cameras that are full of pictures of … (I’ve yet to find out).  It’s kind of fun looking through them, not knowing what treasures you might find. This particular picture is of my former neighbor in New Jersey.  I have never been much of a cat person, mostly because I’m allergic to them, but this little wild kitty held his own in a vast outdoor jungle full of wilder cats that were much larger than he was.

welcome to the jungle

Nightlife Afterlife


Chair ThereWhen I took this picture a few years ago at the world-famous Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey, it was just a random shot.  Perhaps there was someone sitting at the table to my left who got caught in the lights creating this shadow figure, but I truly don’t recall anyone sitting in the little section that holds just a few small tables that sits just a step or two above the main floor.  It was early after all and the crowds had yet to pile in.  Perhaps it’s an old soul who is just hanging around for the music and the atmosphere, or possibly to enjoy some “spirits.”  Some say it’s haunted, and maybe it is.  Perhaps if I had noticed him at the time I would have mentioned that he’s sitting backwards on his chair, or that his back was halfway through the table – but when you’re pure energy it’s safe to say you can do pretty much what you want, right?

Jersey Shore Memories


Jenkinsons Boardwalk – Pt. Pleasant – NJ


Lightning – Point Pleasant, NJ

In July of 2012 when I was still a Jersey Girl, some friends and I went to Point Pleasant for a day at the beach.  Beach weather is always funny, one minute there’s clouds, the next full-on sunshine, so a few clouds didn’t damper our excitement.  We decided to live like grown ups and do the beach a little differently than in the past.  This time we were going to Martel’s Tiki Bar and their private beach where we could sip lemonade and vodka and watch the waves.  When we got to the boardwalk it was packed for a weekday because everyone was evacuated from the beach due to lightning and thunder.  I took this shot while we were waiting to get on the beach.  It looked funny near empty with just umbrellas and coolers and no people – well two die-hard beachgoers were still there but it was mostly empty.  Lightning was striking everywhere and I finally caught one of the strikes after a  few attempts.  A few months later, I would be moving to South Carolina so this trip meant a lot to me.  I moved just two weeks before Sandy (the tropical storm) hit the Jersey Shore and changed it forever.  Now these pictures not only hold fond memories for me, but they are sprinkled with a little sadness.  I don’t always embrace change well, but with Mother Nature at the helm, you realize that some change is inevitable and you also realize just how small we are in this big world – we can’t control some things, they just happen.