Prays Answered

With all the heavy astrological stuff going on this month, especially around this week – like the combination of a heavy-duty lunar eclipse during a Mercury retrograde, I’ve had friends and clients alike feeling the pressure.

These things affect us all in different ways, and for some, not at all.  But I’m hard-pressed to find anyone this week without at least one oppressive memory, tragedy or urgency following them around.

My dear friend “C” had her grandmother pass away in her arms.  My other friend “T” was morning the loss of a 20-year relationship, and I myself have felt a little bogged down by the details of life, as well as missing my family and friends in the North.

Me?  I was doing a lot of praying – for my friends, myself and clients who had opened up to me.  As an empath, people are often drawn to me to purge their most inner thoughts, and now that I’ve learned how to listen without taking it on as my own energy, I can listen without the fear of holding on to the emotions as my own.  Aside from protection and precaution, one way I’ve found that always brings me peace of mind, is  getting out in the world with my camera.

So this morning, when I had decided to sleep in a little for once, I woke up to the sound of neighbors moving furniture, indiscernible chit-chat, dogs barking and kids laughing and playing on the stairway.  I decided I’d swing the door open and see what was going on in the breezeway, but first I made a valiant effort to put a smile on my pre-caffeinated, Cruella DeVille face.  There was no one.  The breezeway was eerily silent all of the sudden, and all of the culprits oddly absent.  And then there was a reminder; a silent reminder to be mindful of others and whatever they may be going through at that moment.  A reminder that life is precious and unique – and how sometimes it seem almost alien.  It was right in front of my face.


A praying mantis.  He had come to eat all the spiders that were in the breezeway thanks in part to the aluminum siding that workers had left on the ground right next to my front door.  It’s become a sort of jungle-gym for the local spiders.  I’m not familiar with a lot of the local spiders, but I do know some are not so friendly and some are even dangerous.  I was not happy that they were invading my personal space, I’ll admit it.  I actually prayed they would go away – one way or another.


A little later, when the Sun was starting to shine in the breezeway, I went out to check on him.  He was working his way up to the ceiling, where most of the arachnids had gravitated to.  There was a clear web wall that connected the floor to the ceiling and it made me shiver to look at it.

These are not the best shots I could have taken, but to be honest, these exquisite creatures intimidate me a little.  They look right at you as if to say, “Excuse me.  Am I bothering you?”  I just waived and thanked him for letting me take the shot, while scratching my head and switching from balancing on one bare foot to the other.  “Thanks for being here, thanks for hearing my prayers.  Feast away.”  Keep the faith; our prayers do get answered.