My Writing Blog

I’m freelance writer who writes about just about everything – I’d love for your to visit my “other blog,” Artful Articles.

So what do I write about – well I get paid to write relationship articles, horoscopes, astrology articles and I’ve even had a few adventures in copywriting, which I loved.  When I write for myself, it’s usually about everyday life, my move to the south, my memories of the north, my trips, my family and … yeah, everything.  I’ve even dabbled in writing erotica and short stories on various subjects.

I’m currently working on two websites as well – my pro writing site (pardon the appearance, it’s under construction) and a site that revolves around astrology, but that’s not even started yet.

It’s hard to find time to do it all, but I’m a ravenous learner.  I was probably one of those annoying kids who asked “why” about everything – in fact I’m sure of it, because I’m still asking that question today.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hope you come again soon.

My Writing Blog

My Writing Blog



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